[vcf-midatlantic] HP back in time

Mike Loewen mloewen at cpumagic.scol.pa.us
Wed Aug 1 01:57:35 EDT 2018

    I accomplished something this evening that I haven't done since 1988: I 
loaded a HP3000 system from tape!  :-)  I have a 9-track FOS tape (Fundamental 
Operating System) which I picked up on Epay 5 years ago, which contains MPE/V 
release G.A3.09 (circa 1990).  I imaged the tape in SIMH format, and used 
HPDrive (pretending to be a 7974 tape drive) to load the FOS tape and 
configure the operating system on my Series 37.

    Back in the day, this was part of the delivery and setup of a new system 
for a customer.  The final responsibility of a CE was to install MPE/V from 
the FOS tape, and get to the system signon.  After that, it was the customer's 

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