[vcf-midatlantic] Australian vintage computer warehouse

Herb Johnson hjohnson at retrotechnology.info
Sat Aug 4 12:42:33 EDT 2018

To me, the video gives a glimpse into vintage computing items in 
Australia. My general impression is that there's much less v-c items 
there than in the USA, they are/were less organized as groups, etc. I 
did not have time to watch the entire video.

To Neil, Evan: The story of that Australian warehouse and the owners of 
the content, is likely complicated. It's likely Australian laws may be 
different, and the terms of the leased space may be a factor.

Glenn: "painful video...unique stuff going to pot". Well, you know, I 
try not to judge. Any number of people worked to donate/sell/buy and 
warehouse that stuff. Somehow the space was paid for or donated. The 
alternative would likely have been to scrap many of those items. Current 
vintage computing owners owe their collections to circumstances like 
these. And many people see *our own* collections as junk, whatever 
condition they are in.

Glen, there were some items in distress, but go figure, y'know? "Repair 
parts", "rarity". So I understand the reaction, but I would not "bite 
the hand that feeds us", "look a gift horse in the mouth", etc.


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