[vcf-midatlantic] Update on Dan R.'s health

Evan Koblentz evan at vcfed.org
Tue Aug 7 19:21:33 EDT 2018


Here is an update about Ragooman (with his permission; I talked to him 
by Facebook messenger this afternoon).

Dan joined the former MARCH with a list posting on February 19, 2005. 
That puts him among the first dozen-ish members.

The post: "Hi, I'm glad to find a newsgroup here that's very active in 
the classic computers. I've been collecting off and on for a number of 
years. I'm originally from Long Island, but after a few jobs I'm now in 
Pittsburgh. One of my first computers I built while in high school was 
the ELF. Now that I'm settled here, I like to get back into dusting off 
my machines, unbox them all and get them fired up and running again. I 
hope this the place to get any valuable info. I noticed there's some 
event coming soon ? , the TCF, not sure what that is, but if somebody 
has a link to this, please send it. I might me be able to make it there 
one time. Thanks for letting me join. thanks, Dan"

Some of you know that Dan recently went into home hospice care due to 
advanced cancer. About a dozen of us took turns going to visit him in 
Pittsburgh during the last few weeks. Dan made it crystal clear that 
nothing brightens his spirit more than seeing us and reminiscing about 
the old days.

I started a private email list to arrange visits. I invited about 40 
people who I think know Dan pretty well. But after seeing how much he 
likes visits from us, I realized there may be others who want to join 
and so our regular list is the best way to get out that message.

If you want to be on the private list, then let me know.

Dan's adult daughter (Mindy) is also on that list and she has final say 
about when visits can happen.

Do not fear visiting him: seeing us is what he wants!!! Also, his family 
has been awesome to all of us. They're treating us like one of their own.

Feel free to email me privately. Of course you can also email Dan 
(ragooman at gmail.com) but do not overwhelm him, don't ask anything too 
personal, and understand that his replies may be slow. Facebook 
messenger is another good way to communicate with him. Don't call unless 
he tells you otherwise.

Finally, remember that Dan may be reading this -- and while is clock 
speed is reduced these days, his sarcasm circuit is strong. :)


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