[vcf-midatlantic] AT&T Technical Workstation / Counterpoint C-19

Evan Koblentz evan at vcfed.org
Sat Aug 18 17:01:23 EDT 2018

I got an email from someone who met us at Maker Faire last year. He told 
me he's got some never-released AT&T computers, so I took a ride to his 
storage locker today (here in central NJ) to see for myself.

There are about a half-dozen Counterpoint C-19 computers with drive 
units, monitors, and various parts.

I never heard of these.

The guy said he worked for Bell Labs in early 1980s. He said 
Counterpoint made these as Unix workstations and delivered thousands of 
them to an AT&T warehouse. Then AT&T canceled the project and 
(supposedly) bulldozed the warehouse contents. He said the ones in his 
storage locker may be the only ones remaining. He also said some famous 
AT&T folks (K.; Ritchie, Korn) all used such systems. They run Unix 
System V. A few of them looked to be in very clean condition. Lastly, he 
said they were also planning to use the name "AT&T Technical 
Workstation" rather than the C-19 name. Google shows no results for 
either search term.

We're definitely accepting these for the museum collection. Hopefully we 
can make a few running units from the various components.

Anyone ever heard of it?

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