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Gordon 'gsteemso' Steemson 48bitsorbust at gmail.com
Sun Aug 19 14:31:13 EDT 2018

Hi folks,

> Some of us in the TRS-80 community
> refer to it as the “T” word. When said with
> an underlying affection and respect, it’s all good.
> It’s a way of “owning/“ the term. However,
> when said with derision or out of
> ignorance, its offensive.

I have almost always said it that way -- not with any value judgement
in mind, but simply because it is considerably faster than saying it
the "correct" way.

That said, I initially heard that form of the name when I was an
immature and easily-amused teenager. Obnoxious-Youth Me found it made
for a very vivid mnemonic association, in addition to being more
convenient to enunciate.

(For the record, I never actually _used_ a TRS-80 of any type, though
I have enjoyed brief interactions with a few specimens set up by our
fellow retrocomputing fans.)

It came as something as a shock when, after 25 years or so of using
"Trash-80" merely as a streamlined way of saying "TRS-80," I first
encountered someone to whom the term was strongly offensive. It took
even longer for me to grasp just _how_ strongly it offended, simply
because the Platform Holy Wars dispute had degenerated to "Mac vs.
IBM" with rare interjections of "Amiga!" by the time I encountered it.
The various 8-bit platforms remained in minor use by those
disinterested in forking over non-trivial sums of money to get
something more current, but had long since ceased to even be
referenced in that futile conflict, let alone be actual contenders

My two cents; quote or ignore as preferred.

Gordon "gsteemso" Steemson
Instigating Cat-Herder and Agitator-by-Default for the Seattle
Retro-Computing Society

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