[vcf-midatlantic] the first pDa

William Dudley wfdudley at gmail.com
Wed Aug 29 12:47:05 EDT 2018

My understanding is that Wikipedia "management/rules" will accept
if backed by citations.

This has resulted in the following stupidity:

An expert in a field makes an edit to a Wikipedia article.

It is rejected for lack of an accompanying citation.

The same expert cites an article published in a magazine, that HE WROTE,
about the topic.  So -- he's citing *himself*.

Expert's Wikipedia edit is now accepted because it has an accompanying

All of which suggests that if Evan makes an edit, and cites HIS OWN BOOK,
the edit will be accepted.

Bill Dudley

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>>> who is going to correct this?
>> Obviously I'm the guy, but I am very un-motivated to argue with Wikipedia
>> editors.
> Amen to that!
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