[vcf-midatlantic] Laura You Belong, Was Cloud was Snipe-It

Laura S. Reinhard laurakid7 at yahoo.com
Sat Dec 1 08:07:54 EST 2018

Really I just have a general interest in vintage computers. We had a Commodore 64 when I was a kid. I brought a vintage computer to college without realizing it was vintage. I just wanted to type and print lol. Now I understand why my dorm mates found my daisy wheel printer so hilarious in 1995.
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> On 11/30/18 9:55 PM, Mike Loewen via vcf-midatlantic wrote:
> > On Fri, 30 Nov 2018, Neil Cherry via vcf-midatlantic wrote:
> >
> > > HeHe, a lesson we must all learn. Hopefully one day I will. For now I am
> > > a magician with the English language. I have the ability to say the exact
> > > right thing at the exact wrong time. :-)
> > >
> > > Hope to meet you tomorrow. BTW what vintage computers peek your interest?
> >                                                         ^^^^
> Wow, dodn't even know the BASICs of spelling. what are you some kind of phreak?
> Besides my spell chicken said it was okay.
> :-) (Okay I did miss the smiley before)
> Bad humor is the only humor I know. Just ask anyone who does my century bike
> rides. Some folks actually come back.
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