[vcf-midatlantic] Al Lowe is selling a few items (LSL source code)

Ethan O'Toole telmnstr at 757.org
Sun Dec 2 10:58:33 EST 2018

> That saddens me.  Those disks should really go to a public archive.  But I 
> assume the rights are probably legally part of the Sierra/Vivendi/CUC 
> evolutional mess and create liability for the seller and buyer of the 
> auction.

It will probably get archived. I know in the past people have bought high 
dollar items like that then set it free (game roms and the like.)

> I just hope the buyer takes steps to digitally archive it multi-site.  It 
> seems Al's preferred method of long term storage is CFDA - Crusty Floppy Disk 
> Archives.


My disk arrays are available for a backup copy. Heh

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