[vcf-midatlantic] It's the great Festivus Charlie Brown!

Joseph Oprysko joprysko1 at gmail.com
Sun Dec 2 18:35:09 EST 2018

I had a great time being able to get out to Festivus. It's been a while
since I've been able to make it to any of the VCF events, and it was good
to see everyone.

Although things got a bit dangerous on the way home. About 30 miles inland
I guess I that's where the barometric pressure changed rapidly. The road
became a wall a fog, but the pressure change threw off my equilibrium and I
had to quickly pull over as I almost passed out. If I had to describe what
it felt like, I would think of being in a washing machine.  So I had to
spend 15-20 on the side of 195? Trying to regain my balance and deal with
an almost instantaneous migraine-like headache. Luckily traffic was light.

Well I hope everyone enjoys the holiday season.


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