[vcf-midatlantic] UNIVAC Black Paper Tape

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Thanks Bill.  The closed-loop nature makes me think of a NC tape that intentionally repeats a series of steps, perhaps as a station in a line operation.  Don't believe that this particular seller has a particularly good reputation, either.  Perhaps there was some late model UNIVAC system that might have been used to produce these tapes to then drive a sequencer-controller (assuming that there's anything UNIVAC'y at all about them)?

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Good question Paul.
To me its just ordinary black paper tape .
Could come from anywhere and be from any computer.
Would need to see any hand written pencil notes at beginning of tape to have a clue .
It is the same format, that is eight level that we use on the 1219B but I doubt it is anything interesting especially at those prices.

Bill Dromgoole

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See eBay listings 113415388445 and 123521333211.  I see no evidence of

However what I do see appear to be cut from unusually heavy stock and in the
form of closed loops.

They appear to be 8-level (3-sprocket-5).


Do these make sense for use on a Univac system?  How so, and which


Happy Post-Festivus,


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