[vcf-midatlantic] Godbout Static (RAM) But Not Lost

William Sudbrink wh.sudbrink at gmail.com
Mon Dec 3 10:58:46 EST 2018

Herb Johnson wrote:
> I certainly encourage the VCF Museum to acquire a Compupro or Viasyn 
> S-100 system for many good reasons. During Festivus, I loaned Evan two 
> Compupro/Godbout branded S-100 cards and manuals, for short-term 
> immediate exhibition and to support the funding effort for the Godbout 
> family.

Just to be clear, I wasn't offering an entire system.  I picked up a large S-100
collection in New Hampshire last month.  About 100 or so cards.  I did a brief
inventory on the side of the roadway, outside of the museum door.  There
are three or four ECONORAM II boards in there with the bright yellow
Godbout logo.  I'd still be happy to donate one.  I'm sure the original owner
would be very happy to know that an item from his collection was on
display in a museum.

Bill S.

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