[vcf-midatlantic] Museum Report 2018-11-16

Michael Pohl michael.h.pohl at gmail.com
Wed Dec 19 11:57:26 EST 2018

Yes, My sons Brain (12) and Nate (10) spent about 3 hours with Chris, Tony,
and Doug on Sunday.  Thanks gents, we had a great time as always.  At your
suggestion, we downloaded Forever 64 Sunday night and Brian has been
splitting his two hour daily screen time allotment between that and "The
Eight Bit Guy" on youtube ever since.

I signed up to bring our non-working Commodore 64 to the workshop on 12
JAN.  The power light comes on, but there is no video from either the RF
modulator or the 8 pin video jack.  We ran some basic daignotics - power
supply produces the correct voltages, voltage is present at specific places
on the motherboard, fuse is good - but now we are stuck.

Mike Pohl

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> > Doug was docent with Chris Fala and Tony Bogan. According to Doug lots of
> > visitors due to the holiday train show. Maybe he can fill in the details
> > here.
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> > Jeff Brace
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> Apologies for not updating everyone about Sunday.
> Busy day at the museum, quite a fair number of families as a result of the
> train show as should be expected. While I was in the museum (had a friend
> arrive at one point so I was absent for a little while as I showed him
> around) the visitors ranged from quick walk throughs to very interested and
> everywhere in between. I personally had two different sets of visitors that
> had worked with systems similar to some of our big iron in their lives and
> several that had close ties with some of the micros, so their interest was
> high and they spent significant amounts of time in the museum.
> There were three gentlemen (father and two sons) that were extremely
> interested in the Commodore 64 as well as the micros in general. I
> apologize for not remembering their names (I do recall Brian was one of the
> younger men!) but Doug and Chris spent a significant amount of time with
> them. They are also part of this list so will chime in on their own I’m
> sure, and we should be seeing them at the January workshop!!
> The heavy rain, especially during the first part of the day, kept he
> traffic down a bit. Quite a few people never made it out of the main
> building as the wind and rain made the walk down the road unpleasant.
> Still it was a busy day for both the museum and Infoage as a whole.
> It is also fortuitous that one of the most popular attractions at Infoage
> (the military vehicles) requires going past our museum to get to, so we get
> traffic that might not otherwise come down the street.
> Tony

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