[vcf-midatlantic] Epic warehouse day!

Evan Koblentz evan at vcfed.org
Wed Dec 19 19:31:15 EST 2018

Matt King and I did warehouse work from 10-6 today. We worked our butts off!

- There are five sets of lights on the ceiling. We finished putting LED 
bulbs in all but one set.

- We finished the project to create an extra aisle on the organized side 
for "D" (DEC overflow; Data General), "E" (Epson), and "H" (Heathkit, 
HP) items. Nothing exciting starts with F other than Franklin which is 
in with the Apple II stuff because it's clones.

- We moved the Epson, Heathkit, and HP shelving units into the new 
aisle. We built an additional shelving unit for Heathkit items. (Data 
General items will be moved some other day.)

- We built another shelving unit for keypunch parts, small punch card 
readers, and small punch card holders. We moved that unit along the 
other existing punch card shelving units into the "K" area. We also 
allocated one individual shelf (no need for a whole unit) to our two NEC 
APC systems.

- That in turn made more space for portables, Prime, and Perkin-Elmer.

- We created a space for word processing items. I'm not very high on 
collecting those (no, we don't want a collection of generic 1990s word 
processors), but we have some interesting IBM/Xerox items so now those 
have a place in the warehouse to call home.)

All of that "shelving Tetris" resulted in a bunch of things being in 
more logical places, and we cleared some things out of the unorganized 
side. We also cleared off one pallet from the unorganized side and we 
made a plan for how to continue next time, when we'll hopefully get the 
Sun collection off its pallet and onto proper shelves.

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