[vcf-midatlantic] Epic warehouse day!

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Wed Dec 19 22:25:09 EST 2018

Let me know if you get any CPT word processing systems in the collection. I
used to service those relics.

On Wed, Dec 19, 2018, 7:31 PM Evan Koblentz via vcf-midatlantic <
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> Matt King and I did warehouse work from 10-6 today. We worked our butts
> off!
> - There are five sets of lights on the ceiling. We finished putting LED
> bulbs in all but one set.
> - We finished the project to create an extra aisle on the organized side
> for "D" (DEC overflow; Data General), "E" (Epson), and "H" (Heathkit,
> HP) items. Nothing exciting starts with F other than Franklin which is
> in with the Apple II stuff because it's clones.
> - We moved the Epson, Heathkit, and HP shelving units into the new
> aisle. We built an additional shelving unit for Heathkit items. (Data
> General items will be moved some other day.)
> - We built another shelving unit for keypunch parts, small punch card
> readers, and small punch card holders. We moved that unit along the
> other existing punch card shelving units into the "K" area. We also
> allocated one individual shelf (no need for a whole unit) to our two NEC
> APC systems.
> - That in turn made more space for portables, Prime, and Perkin-Elmer.
> - We created a space for word processing items. I'm not very high on
> collecting those (no, we don't want a collection of generic 1990s word
> processors), but we have some interesting IBM/Xerox items so now those
> have a place in the warehouse to call home.)
> All of that "shelving Tetris" resulted in a bunch of things being in
> more logical places, and we cleared some things out of the unorganized
> side. We also cleared off one pallet from the unorganized side and we
> made a plan for how to continue next time, when we'll hopefully get the
> Sun collection off its pallet and onto proper shelves.

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