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>> Yes, My sons Brain (12) and Nate (10) spent about 3 hours with Chris, Tony,
>> and Doug on Sunday.  Thanks gents, we had a great time as always.  At your
>> suggestion, we downloaded Forever 64 Sunday night and Brian has been
>> splitting his two hour daily screen time allotment between that and "The
>> Eight Bit Guy" on youtube ever since.
> If you are looking for a good emulator for the C64, I would highly
> recommend VICE. It is the best emulator available for the C64 and is in
> daily development.
Jeff, 64 Forever is built on top of VICE.
And its packaged way nicer than plain VICE, very turnkey.  And the 
keyboard is properly set up for US.
>> I signed up to bring our non-working Commodore 64 to the workshop on 12
>> JAN.  The power light comes on, but there is no video from either the RF
>> modulator or the 8 pin video jack.  We ran some basic daignotics - power
>> supply produces the correct voltages, voltage is present at specific places
>> on the motherboard, fuse is good - but now we are stuck.
> I will be at the workshop with my C64 diagnostic harness and a "parts" C64
> to try different chips. I will have a few working ones so that if it is a
> chip, then we can swap out a known working part. I have many C64 that I
> need to fix, but have been too busy with VCF duties and grad studies. My
> focus at the next workshop will be to get as many of my machines working as
> possible.
> I am not an expert, but I have gotten help over the years from other VCF
> members and learned some things. There will be other expert knowledge
> members there that can help you fix it. Undoubtedly, I will learn something
> too. A good website for diagnostic resources is run by a former Commodore
> repair technician: http://personalpages.tds.net/~rcarlsen/.
>> Mike Pohl
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>>>> Doug was docent with Chris Fala and Tony Bogan. According to Doug lots
>> of
>>>> visitors due to the holiday train show. Maybe he can fill in the
>> details
>>>> here.
>>>> --
>>>> =========================================
>>>> Jeff Brace
>>>> Vice President
>>>> Vintage Computer Federation
>>> Apologies for not updating everyone about Sunday.
>>> Busy day at the museum, quite a fair number of families as a result of
>> the
>>> train show as should be expected. While I was in the museum (had a friend
>>> arrive at one point so I was absent for a little while as I showed him
>>> around) the visitors ranged from quick walk throughs to very interested
>> and
>>> everywhere in between. I personally had two different sets of visitors
>> that
>>> had worked with systems similar to some of our big iron in their lives
>> and
>>> several that had close ties with some of the micros, so their interest
>> was
>>> high and they spent significant amounts of time in the museum.
>>> There were three gentlemen (father and two sons) that were extremely
>>> interested in the Commodore 64 as well as the micros in general. I
>>> apologize for not remembering their names (I do recall Brian was one of
>> the
>>> younger men!) but Doug and Chris spent a significant amount of time with
>>> them. They are also part of this list so will chime in on their own I’m
>>> sure, and we should be seeing them at the January workshop!!
>>> The heavy rain, especially during the first part of the day, kept he
>>> traffic down a bit. Quite a few people never made it out of the main
>>> building as the wind and rain made the walk down the road unpleasant.
>>> Still it was a busy day for both the museum and Infoage as a whole.
>>> It is also fortuitous that one of the most popular attractions at Infoage
>>> (the military vehicles) requires going past our museum to get to, so we
>> get
>>> traffic that might not otherwise come down the street.
>>> Tony

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