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Thanks, Herb. Yes I knew they were on the west coast. I would, of course, much prefer to get one locally. The seller does appear to be experienced in shipping large/heavy items so it might be less of a gamble than most. But of course, local would be better. I've send feelers out to a few of the comp lists hoping to locate one. thanks

73 Eugene W2HX

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> I am building my first PDP-11. It is a 11/23+   I would really like to get a real-to-real 9-track tape drive, the manual loading kind.  
> https://www.ebay.com/itm/192745726868
> and
> https://www.ebay.com/itm/264099860161
> I am in NY, willing to drive a few hours or pay for shipping.
> 73 Eugene W2HX

Note those eBay drives are in California, about as far to ship to NY as 
anything you've find in the USA. Dave McGuire,  could you comment on the 
challenge of some 3rd party shipping these cross-country? They are 
suggesting $300/$400 shipping, probably a CYA price I'm guessing.

As an aside, seems to me there's likely some east-coast tape drives at 
lower shipping cost, if one is patient.

This comes to my attention because I have a few of those less-desired 
auto-load or tabletop "real" tapedrives. Likely they won't run 6250 as 
these two eBay'ed drives will. (shrug)

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