[vcf-midatlantic] PDP 8 documents (ephemera) available

William Dudley wfdudley at gmail.com
Fri Dec 28 21:26:31 EST 2018

Back in the late 70's, when the PDP 8 was already getting long in the
tooth, a friend
and I built PDP-8 clones using the Intersil 6100 chip.  (The museum has my
PDP-8 clone
in their collection.}  We also copied every bit of PDP-8 documentation we
could.  Because I never throw anything out, but want to make it so my son
doesn't have to get the extra large dumpster when I go, I recently discoved
a book box full of PDP-8 documentation.  Most of it is 8 1/2 x 11, except
for the first two items.

Some of this stuff is original Digital Equipment Corp publications, some is
that is noted for each item below.  There are multiple copies of a few of
the documents, also noted below.

Also, there is one (1) pdp-12 document in the collection (a photocopy).

All these documents are in excellent shape, especially since they've been
in a box in my basement for 30 years, and in the same box in a different
basement for 5 years prior to that.

The museum (a.k.a, Evan) gets first dibs.  After that -- I dunno, depends
on how much interest there is.

os/8 handbook first printing 1974/4 - 2 copies (official DEC paperback book)
ALL of the following are 8 1/2 x 11:
os/8 software support manual (version 3 1974/6) - 3 photocopies
os/8 software support manual (version 3 1974/6) - 1 original
decus program library: Focal photocopy
DEC-S8-CFTNA-A-D fortran IV users manual first printing 1973/6 2 photocopies
DEC-S8-LFSSA-A-D fortran IV software support manual 1973 photocopy
pdp/8 floating point system programming manual photocopy
Digital-8-2-U Binary loader (original listing) 1966/3/23 (to be toggled in)
DEC-08-PMPA-D Readin-Mode (RIM) Punch (original listing) 1966/11/22 8
DEC-08-COAA-D (L) ODT (mimeograph ? listing) 1967/5/12
DEC-08-COCO-D ODT-8 1968/10/10 photocopy
DEC-08-NGCA-D PDP-8 Console Manual 1966 original
Maindec 802 Memory Checkerboard Test 1965/9/1 (original listing)
Maindec 803 Memory Address Test 1965/5/11 (original listing)
Digital-8-6-U-Sym Octal Memory Dump 1965/3/17 (mimeograph ? listing)
Digital-8-5-U-Sym Binary Punch 1965/3/1 (original listing)
DEC-08-ESAA-D PDP-8 Symbolic Editor Programming Editor 1965 original
DEC-08-BA1A-D PDP-8 Program Abstracts 1966/10/11 (original)
DEC-08-CMAA-D PDP-8 Macro-8 Programming Manual 1965 (original)
DEC-08-ASAA-D PDP-8 PAL III Symbolic Assembler Programming Manual 1965
DIGITAL-8-4-S PDP-8 DDT Programming Manual 1965 (original)
DEC-S8-UPTHA-B-D EPIC User's Manual (photocopy)
DEC-S8-OSRNA-A-D OS/8 System Release Notes (V03C) (2 photocopies)
DEC-S8-OSHBA-A-DN1 OS/8 Handbook Addendum - New Handlers (photocopy)
AD-0877G-B1 Digital Software News PDP-8 1977/4 (photocopy)
miscellaneous pages of Digital Software News (1976) (photocopy)
miscellaneous photocopied DEC errata and correction pages
(title unknown) Chapter 4 RX8E Interfacing Programming Information (2
DEC-12-UFPAA-A-D pdp12 FPP Assembler User's Guide 1973/7 - (photocopy)

Bill Dudley

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