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Tony Bogan thebogans at
Sun Dec 30 20:47:24 EST 2018

Quiet day at Infoage today. Sounded like most of the traffic came yesterday.

I had a handful of visitors come through with mild interest and a father and son that took the full tour and asked lots of questions.

I had the time today to test myself on several machines. In addition to the demo on the UNIVAC, I ran the shorter demo on the HP 1000 (lights moving in one direction) and I also had the Altair running “kill the bit” as well. Once Dave shows me how to demo the PDP I’ll move on to learning some basic stuff on the TRS-80 and PET. I have a simple text welcome program I run on the Apple II sometimes in lieu of the slide show disk we often run and I’ve learned enough about the C64 to run the Sid player or a program or two and I usually run a game or deluxe Paint on the Amiga.

With Lisa Guide now set up on the Lisa (thanks Jason!) and the Mac 128 running MacPaint, the NeXT Cube running whatever you like (tons of software on it) plus the AT&T PC booted, the 5150 running its Intro software, the other PC running Windows 3.11 and the Osborne running (I usually load either Microsoft Basic or Hitchhikers Guide) we have the micros pretty well covered.

Getting to be that time of year again for me so I’ll be able to docent at the museum more often over the next few months.

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