[vcf-midatlantic] OT: MAGFest 2019 - This Weekend

Ethan O'Toole telmnstr at 757.org
Mon Dec 31 00:55:46 EST 2018

While it pales in comparison to the VCF East event MAGFest is coming up 
this weekend. MAGFest is a 4 day video game music and gaming event in the 
DC metro area.

There is a computer museum room run by friends (and consistent VCF East 
attendees.) It's mostly plastic micros and early mainstream desktop 
computers -- so nothing too wild for this audience. They also have some 
various more rare game consoles in the museum on PVMs.

The museum room is around 3000 sqft, and everything is pretty much sit 
down and play.

There is also a 30,000 sqft arcade room (this part of the event is where 
I'm involved), a 30,000 sqft console gaming room, tabletop and board 
games, indie game area (10,000sqft+ maybe?)

Oh, and stages. A good number of musical acts from nerdcore hip hop to 
jazz to metal to rock to who knows what.

There is also a jam clinic for people who want to bring their musical 
instrument and I guess improve your improvisational skills, or jam rooms 
where you can sign up to play with others.

And new this year is a demoparty, where people will be working I believe 
on making new demos. I saw mention of AGA Amiga and C64, and I would 
assume PC.

It's kind of hard to sum up, but some parts run 24x7 (not the museum but 
the arcade does), and there should be over 15,000 people there.

If any VCF'ers are headed there hit me up, I am usually around the arcade 
but visit the museum and usually catch a concert or two!

If there is info for VCF East, I can print some copies out and the museum 
people would be happy to post them around.

Here is a video of the museum in 2017

 			- Ethan

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