[vcf-midatlantic] ZORK1 configuration file

Ethan telmnstr at 757.org
Fri Feb 2 13:50:45 EST 2018

> All –                 On MS-DOS, it seems that ZORK 
> uses an ANSI driver…not sure why for a text adventure, but it does. 
> The machine I have runs DOS but has no video board – everything is 
> piped over the serial port, and the ANSI driver doesn’t work. Does 
> anyone know of a way to force it to work without the ANSI driver? 
>                 ZORK does run, but it displays annoying 
> control characters on each line. I was just looking for a way to clean 
> it up and not need the driver.

There are programs like doorway that allowed both local console and remote 
serial port redirection. It was used for bbs sysops to allow remote 
administration of dos host.

You can also redirect console over serial with a simple dos command that I 
forget.... but that is probably what you are doing. If your terminal 
supports the ANSI commands?

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