[vcf-midatlantic] Many 80s computers available in Virginia Beach

Ethan telmnstr at 757.org
Thu Feb 15 11:40:26 EST 2018

I have good friends in Virginia Beach area that come with me to VCF East.

> Is anyone close to Virginia Beach?
> I got an email from former lurking MARCH member Steve M. 
> (smccreary at sourceamerica.org). He works for a refurbishment company and they 
> have four pallets of 1980s computers. I believe it's mostly common 8/16-bit 
> stuff. His company would like to sell it in one giant lot, but I'm 
> encouraging him to bring it to VCF East consignment instead.
> Anyway he'd like someone to come take a look.
> He is not (yet) on this list.

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