[vcf-midatlantic] Museum report

Evan Koblentz evan at vcfed.org
Sat Feb 17 00:09:48 EST 2018

Adam and I worked in the museum and warehouse from 11am to 10pm today. 
We are tired, but we got good things accomplished!

Some highlights:

- Herb stopped by for two hours and helped us identify some unique items.
- Roddy (artist across from VCF museum) helped us install the first part 
of a hallway display case.
- We organized some Univac items
- We cleared and put away a pallet full of random boxed items.
- We built a shelving unit partially for Altos (not "Alto") computers 
and partially for analog stuff (Heathkit EC-1 and extra Philbrick items).
- We built a shelving unit for more S-100 items (mostly Cromemco).

So, with those last three points, we freed three pallets of space from 
the unorganized side of the warehouse and got their contents onto proper 
shelving racks in the organized side. There is still a lot to do 
(always!) but it's always rewarding when we leave the warehouse cleaner, 
better organized, and appearing emptier than when we arrived.

We made some plans for how to proceed next time. There are more areas of 
low-hanging fruit where a little work will make a big difference.

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