[vcf-midatlantic] Help! We need a VCF East keynote speaker

Evan Koblentz evan at vcfed.org
Mon Feb 19 00:03:38 EST 2018

 >> Bill Gates

I've (seriously) tried reaching him a few times via his foundation 
(Microsoft refers all queries to them). Never got a response.

 >> Steve Wozniak

He spoke two or three times at VCF West in the pre-VCFed days. It's 
getting harder to book him post-Jobs, but rest assured, your fellow 
board members and I know do have occasional contact with him. :)

 >> Nolan Bushnell

Possibly. He was recently in some controversy about sexual harassment 
though .... we wouldn't want to bring that attention to the organization 
(his actions are certainly not something to be discussed in any detail 
on this list, however.)

 >> Paul Allen

We tried, as you know. :)  Last time he gave a public speech was several 
years ago when he donated zillions to a university. LCM director told us 
to keep our expectations low for ever getting him to speak, however, he 
IS known to show up to such events just as an attendee! :)

 >> Guy Kawasaki

Cool idea. Maybe for VCF West.

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