[vcf-midatlantic] Museum Report - Sunday 2/18/2018

Jeffrey Brace jeffrey at vcfed.org
Mon Feb 19 21:58:23 EST 2018

> Oh you're welcome for course.
> I've done it solo a handful of times, and Chris came along two times.
> Bringing a friend is definitely better.  Its not just fun, its productive.
> We are able to share what we know about the machines on display
> face to face.   It can be a time for transfer of information too:
> We had been trying to get together for the last two years for
> me help Chris get into assembly language programming.  We did

Which machine? I want to get into 6502 assembly language for the C64 for 7
years now. Never seem to have enough time, but if I learn from someone more
experience *and* have the right tools and book to follow, then I'm golden.

Another thought:  Sharing docent's expertise.
> If the docents have a particular expertise, which is the

case with say Pete, TRS-80, Xenix, etc, and and like yourself Commodore, and
> Tony, Apple,  etc, it might be an opportunity for other members to meet
> with that docent at the Museum for to learn some things.

Good idea!

> That makes the trip for the docent even further productive and interesting,
>  and would be an additional service to the club.
> We'd just have to broadcast who is docenting when.
> Folks can then decide if they might want to make the trip to
> spend some time with the docent.

That's a great idea!

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