[vcf-midatlantic] Kemner Surplus visit

Mike Loewen mloewen at cpumagic.scol.pa.us
Tue Feb 20 22:14:40 EST 2018

    It was a nice day for a drive, so I finally paid a visit to Kemner's 
Surplus Warehouse in Pottstown.  Interesting place, with something for 
everyone.  Vintage computer-wise, there are piles of Apple ][e systems and 
disk drives, various Mac vintages, C64s, Vic 20s, TRS-80 Cocos (all versions). 
I saw a TRS-80 Model I and a couple of monitors, and two Model II disk 
expansion bays (one with 1 drive and the other with 3 drives).  Printers, 
joysticks, software, game cartridges, plotters, monitors, keyboards galore.

    Test equipment-wise, there were many varieties of oscilloscopes, meters, 
signal generators.  Old radios, tape machines, slide and movie projectors. 
Several aisles worth of electronics components: resistors, capacitors, 
sockets, switches, transformers, ICs, lamp sockets, fuse holders, cables, 
probes, etc.

    I was briefly excited when I noticed an HP1000 under a pile of stuff.  Too 
good to be true.  Written on it was "bad power supply, bad memory controller, 
bad backplane".  Plus, it was missing the front panel switch/indicator 
assembly.  It was a model 2112A, one of the earlier models.  Oh, well.  I even 
found a disc pack for my 404MB HP drive, but it was dusty outside AND inside.

    I picked up several bags full of parts and a new scope probe. The prices on 
the small parts are pretty reasonable.  However, the prices on the vintage 
computer stuff are way too high, IMO.  $125 for a ][e, $65 for a TRS-80 Model 
I monitor, $150 for a Model I CPU/keyboard.  You may be able to negotiate for 
slightly better prices.  If you visit, you should be able to get a system 
tested and configured for your needs.

    Oh yeah - an IBM System 34 for $9,000 or "Make a good offer".  Rusty and 
dusty.  The systems in the vintage computer room are generally clean, but many 
of them on the shelves on the main floor are dusty and dirty.

    All in all, it was a worthwhile trip.  If you need parts, it's a good place 
to check out.

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