[vcf-midatlantic] Museum report

Evan Koblentz evan at vcfed.org
Wed Feb 21 23:01:21 EST 2018

I had a meeting at InfoAge at 6:30 tonight, so I spent the afternoon 
there to get some work done. Arrived at 1pm and found Tony there working 
on assessment + repair of VCF's Apple II collection (above and beyond 
the initial assessment/repair that Adam and I did a few months ago). 
Tony was able to repair some of the systems that Adam and I couldn't. He 
also helped me do some warehouse tasks and various museum things.

NJARC's John Dilks has been a friend to us since many years ago and 
spoke at VCF East one year. Of course he's known as the man behind the 
Personal Computing '76 show in Atlantic City. Today he brought us some 
cool posters. One is a custom-made, full-color map of the "Adventure" 
cave. Another is a Cromemco poster from the '78 edition of the Personal 
Computing event (after it moved to Philly). Yet another is some Cromemco 
schematics, and a booth layout of one of his events (I think '78 as 
well) -- unfortunately the booths only show numbers, not company names.

A few updates about InfoAge from tonight's meeting:

- They're planning to install an ADA ramp to our building this summer
- There may be more paving this summer, giving us a smoother path for 
moving things between our building and the front buildings
- The annual WW2 weekend is August 27-28. I will see about giving a talk 
for that event on computing during the war period.
- Next month is the 25th anniversary of when the local daily newspaper 
(Asbury Park Press) ran an article titled "Camp Evans likely to fade 
into oblivion" yet here we are with a vibrant community!

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