[vcf-midatlantic] Hello World

Matt Reynolds mattreynolds04 at gmail.com
Thu Feb 22 16:00:30 EST 2018


At Evan's suggestion I'm reaching out with a Hello World note.

I know some of you from my years spent at InfoAge.  I am an active member
of the NJARC located there, have a thing for vintage electronics, and have
been a lifelong tinkerer.

I am a network engineer and for the time being am employed at a large
chemical company.  I've always been more on the tech\hardware side of IT,
and have always been fascinated by the machines and equipment that preceded
what we have today.

I haven't spent much time playing around in the vintage computer hobby in
the last few years, and being 32 I may have just caught the tail end of the
wild west era of home PCs (or came in right after it).  Most of the old
tech I have played with was already old when I was goofing with it, even in
the past.

I do still have a few older 8 bit era machines, but it's been awhile since
i've played with them, mostly due to space\time constraints.  at some point
I'll fire some of them back up and get back into it.  For now I'll lurk and
see what everyone else is up to!.

Hope everyone is well.


Matt Reynolds

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