[vcf-midatlantic] Help! We need a VCF East keynote speaker

Evan Koblentz evan at vcfed.org
Thu Feb 22 16:11:35 EST 2018

> I know I'm an outlier, as far as geography and attachment to the 
> group, but that does not seem like a decision that can be made by one 
> person.

Not made by one person, I just happen to be the person leading VCF East 

> I would assume there is a planning team, loosely defined though it may 
> be that would consider such options.


> It may indeed be that this presentation is too obscure to be of any 
> general value, but I can see instances where an obscure technology and 
> the story behind it has general implications.

Sure. Ed certainly has a compelling story. But we aim for mainstream 
appeal in a VCF keynote.

I feel compelled to also mention that it would be fantastic to have 
women and minorities as speakers. Ruth Lewart gave a great VCF East talk 
and so did Jeri Ellsworth. More would be awesome -- for I'd like to get 
Margaret Hamilton, but I don't know if Mark Dean would travel from 

Keep in mind that the speakers participate on their own dime (pretty 
much -- we've covered a hotel room here and there.)

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