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What he said!!!!!

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> Hi folks,
> A "noob" question --
> I have some old ICs -- custom chips, RAM, etc.. that I'd like to properly
> store.
> Is storing these in antistatic foam and in a (3D printed) plastic drawer of
> some kind OK?     should i be buying/using IC Chip tubes instead?
> What's the best way to get reasonably priced supplies for safely storing
> vintage chips?
> Thanks!
> John

​if you have a lot of chips, tubes become a nuisance,
their fine at the factories when it comes to storage because they have the
extra space,
but when you only have shelves above your workbench,
it's far more efficient to use the storage boxes - ones that typically have
40- 50bins.
You can even find them with alternate sizes in the same storage box for
different parts
Now the ones you see at the stores or online are typical consumer products,
eg, not anti-static
The ones with the anti-static bins cost much more if you want that.
But its very easy to make them anti-static thru a couple of methods
One is to pre-cut anti-static foam to fit inside the bins and you can
squeeze in several layers with the chips inserted
Modern anti-static foam doesn't turn to goo anymore like the stuff from
40yrs ago, which was only conductive foam
the elastomers in the foam are far more advanced today  -- and it's a real
anti-static dissipative foam -- and lasts practically forever, longer than
we will ever live.
I still have some from 20yrs ago that still works fine, the important note
is to get the dissipative foam and not the cheap conductive foam
If you can't get enough anti-static foam right now, guess what was used
before we had anti-static bags 40yrs ago -- good old aluminum foil will help
just take the bundle of chips that will go in your bin and wrap them all in
AL foil, this creates a Faraday cage, prohibiting the static because it
prevents electrostatic discharge
This is the same principle behind anti-static bags -- if  you can get a box
really cheap just use this instead, it's far more resilient than AL foil

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