[vcf-midatlantic] eBay Damage

Tony Bogan thebogans at mac.com
Sun Feb 25 18:27:37 EST 2018

>> Hi Folks,
>>> I'm still on the lookout for an Atari 810 drive to match my Atari 800
>>> computers.  There are two types -- one with a 'barn door' that opens up,
>>> and another with the middle flip lid.  I want the middle flip lid type.
>>> I just ordered one on Ebay and of course the guy packaged it horribly, so
>>> the case became heavily damaged so now I have deal with returning it.
>> :(.
>>> Anyway, It doesn't have to work perfectly I just something for
>>> nostalgia/collection sake.
>>> I have cash and 1050 drives to trade if appropriate.
>>> Thank you!
>>> John

While I can't help with the Atari drives, I do sympathize with your situation and need to vent!!

I had a disk /// drive delivered to go with an apple /// computer. The seller put the drive in a box wrapped in a dirty rag (oil and dirt on the rag, think he picked it up off his garage floor) and to fill in the empty space in the box he inserted an empty quart oil container (5w30 if I recall)

Needless to say the drive was destroyed but I got a full refund.

One note, I used to take unboxing pictures of each step when I received an item. Since the iie I received packed with two drives and a color monitor on top of it with NO packing material whatsoever (can you say monitor pile driver?) I now take unboxing videos of every item I receive. 


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