[vcf-midatlantic] Workshop report

Evan Koblentz evan at vcfed.org
Mon Jul 2 11:46:35 EDT 2018

Various notes about the workshop follow...

- Jeff G. is almost done making one good/working IMSAI from the two 
parts machines that were formerly Roger Amidon's. When it is totally 
done, then we will make a video to show it is fully working and we'll 
sell the computer on eBay. This is to maximize its value because the 
proceeds will be donated to Roger's family. Jeff had some (remote) help 
from Herb (documentation) and Glitch (ZPU board).

- Ian repaired VCF's PET 2001 (replaced the magic smoke!) and IBM 5150 
(disconnected a faulty memory expansion board that was causing trouble). 
He and Dean also repaired the modern(ish) PC that we're going to use as 
a BBS server -- I couldn't get any video from it; turns out the CF card 
adapter that Dean installed as an SSD (8GB was fine because it's only 
running DOS) was being pushed down by another component and bending the 
motherboard! We improved the other component by cutting out an 
infringing piece of metal bracket. :)  He also helped Tony with a CRT 
issue and helped Jeff B. with one of Jeff's 64s.

- We have a new member, Marco (15 yrs. old), who brought in his iMac. It 
needed a lot of work + CRT repair. Ian helped him and used parts from 
one of our spares.

- Jason Perkins brought in a very nice/modern rack console for us and 
showed me how to install it.

- I ordered the wrong patch panel. Got the correct one coming soon.

- Mike Lowen worked on VCF's Zorba portable computer. It needs more TLC 
than he could do at the workshop, so I let him take it home for further 
repair. Mike got his own HP-3000 working! Exciting stuff.

- Bill Drom. got the UNIVAC running more reliably and taught me, Tony, 
and Dean how to turn it on + do a quick 1-minute demonstration (it tests 
all of the CPU's 102 instructions and tests 40K of core memory). I will 
show other docents.

- Bill and Mike helped me troubleshoot + repair the Compaq Portable III 
that I need working for my HOPE lecture. Lego card wasn't talking to the 
interface box. Turns out the problem was a dirty connector between the 
computer and its "backpack" card expansion module. Deoxit solved that.

- Dean helped me learn how to use the STICK and STRIG (presumbably 
derived from "Stick Trigger") commands in Compaq's flavor of IBM/MS 
BASIC. Different from the Applesoft that I know, where stick control is 
PDL(0)/PDL(1) and reading the buttons is PEEK(49249) and PEEK(49250).

- I'm not sure what else Jason, Jeff J., Tony, and Ian worked on.

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