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Jason Perkins perkins.jason at gmail.com
Mon Jul 2 11:51:21 EDT 2018

I installed the DOM Glitch donated in the Lisa's XProfile, and reinstalled
all the software. I then made a backup copy on the DOM, so we can restore
the software easily if needed.
The Museum's Lisa now has the Lisa Guide loaded on the hard disk, which
makes for a good demo.


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> Various notes about the workshop follow...
> - Jeff G. is almost done making one good/working IMSAI from the two parts
> machines that were formerly Roger Amidon's. When it is totally done, then
> we will make a video to show it is fully working and we'll sell the
> computer on eBay. This is to maximize its value because the proceeds will
> be donated to Roger's family. Jeff had some (remote) help from Herb
> (documentation) and Glitch (ZPU board).
> - Ian repaired VCF's PET 2001 (replaced the magic smoke!) and IBM 5150
> (disconnected a faulty memory expansion board that was causing trouble). He
> and Dean also repaired the modern(ish) PC that we're going to use as a BBS
> server -- I couldn't get any video from it; turns out the CF card adapter
> that Dean installed as an SSD (8GB was fine because it's only running DOS)
> was being pushed down by another component and bending the motherboard! We
> improved the other component by cutting out an infringing piece of metal
> bracket. :)  He also helped Tony with a CRT issue and helped Jeff B. with
> one of Jeff's 64s.
> - We have a new member, Marco (15 yrs. old), who brought in his iMac. It
> needed a lot of work + CRT repair. Ian helped him and used parts from one
> of our spares.
> - Jason Perkins brought in a very nice/modern rack console for us and
> showed me how to install it.
> - I ordered the wrong patch panel. Got the correct one coming soon.
> - Mike Lowen worked on VCF's Zorba portable computer. It needs more TLC
> than he could do at the workshop, so I let him take it home for further
> repair. Mike got his own HP-3000 working! Exciting stuff.
> - Bill Drom. got the UNIVAC running more reliably and taught me, Tony, and
> Dean how to turn it on + do a quick 1-minute demonstration (it tests all of
> the CPU's 102 instructions and tests 40K of core memory). I will show other
> docents.
> - Bill and Mike helped me troubleshoot + repair the Compaq Portable III
> that I need working for my HOPE lecture. Lego card wasn't talking to the
> interface box. Turns out the problem was a dirty connector between the
> computer and its "backpack" card expansion module. Deoxit solved that.
> - Dean helped me learn how to use the STICK and STRIG (presumbably derived
> from "Stick Trigger") commands in Compaq's flavor of IBM/MS BASIC.
> Different from the Applesoft that I know, where stick control is
> PDL(0)/PDL(1) and reading the buttons is PEEK(49249) and PEEK(49250).
> - I'm not sure what else Jason, Jeff J., Tony, and Ian worked on.

Jason Perkins
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