[vcf-midatlantic] A personal project

Evan Koblentz evan at vcfed.org
Mon Jul 2 17:36:39 EDT 2018

Time to reveal a personal project, unrelated to my role at VCFed.

In the past two years, while getting neck-deep in the historic Lego 
robotic set, I learned that there is a TON of information about this set 
(and about other Lego robotic sets from before the Mindstorms 
generation) which is mostly missing, or at best scattered, on the web.

I decided a few months ago to make a web site about it. I call the site 
www.mindsbeforethestorm.com. The site is under construction but you can 
visit now and see where it is going.

I'm asking for contributions to the project.

Most of you know that I make a very modest living through my work as a 
freelance tech journalist and additionally through VCFed fundraising. 
Many of you will also recall that a personal fundraiser is what enabled 
publishing of my computer history book in 2015. That was a positive 

I do not plan to sell anything on this new site, only to offer helpful 
information that isn't currently available or is very difficult to find. 
As such, I cannot promise any Kickstarter-style rewards: I don't have 
any ideas about what a good reward for this might be (open to 
suggestions). Instead, I appeal to your altruism: fund this project 
because it is a good thing.

Please visit my new site. If you think it exemplifies how the web should 
be used, if you'd like to see it get finished, and if you would like me 
to continue to be able to pay my rent and eat food, then please make a 
contribution via https://fundrazr.com/61N3ef?ref=ab_74VRia.


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