[vcf-midatlantic] A personal project

Evan Koblentz evan at vcfed.org
Mon Jul 2 18:18:58 EDT 2018

> I wonder if you’re interested in sort of tangential stuff—I recently acquired a new-in-box 1980s Fischertechnik Computing set and IBM interface.

Not at this time, but maybe one day. Thanks for mentioning it.

> (I’m originally from Austria and played with Fischertechnik a lot as a kid back in the 80s, but didn’t have the robot/computing stuff.)

I bet you're feeling the same way now as I did when I "discovered" the 
Lego/Apple II interface two years ago (at age 41) .... LOL "What I 
wouldn't have done to have this 30 years ago!!!"

> Once I get to actually play with it I want to make some YouTube videos and maybe even showcase sometime at VCF East! :)

I approve of that plan. :)

> Early LEGO robotics sounds fantastic! I’ll definitely chip in (pun intended).

Thanks very much, I will watch for it.

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