[vcf-midatlantic] HOPE -- Urgent -- please read

Evan Koblentz evan at vcfed.org
Fri Jul 6 00:41:15 EDT 2018

VCF is in a bind for HOPE.

Our plan was to demonstrate hacks for vintage computers. I'm planning to 
do an Apple II section, Jeff B. planned for the C-64 side, and Dean was 
considering Atari/Tandy portions.

Tonight I found out that Jeff decided not to go and Dean has a schedule 

That means we have two problems.

1. It would be lame if our entire demo is just me (and possibly Mouse).

2. VCF bought a couple of tickets already. If they don't get used, then 
they go to waste. They are expensive!

So, bottom line, there are a couple of tickets available FOR FREE in 
exchange for contributing to / working our booth. We also have a hotel 
room there with two beds, so you have a free place to stay overnight.

The catch? I urgently need FIRM COMMITMENTS. (As I've said with other 
requests through the years, put yourself in my shoes -- it's incredibly 
frustrating when there are a bunch of replies saying, "Wish I could, 
sorry" -- that doesn't help anyone -- or when people take advantage of 
the offer for a free ticket and then don't wind up helping much at our 
table. It's happened a couple of times.)

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