[vcf-midatlantic] Museum report

Evan Koblentz evan at vcfed.org
Sun Jul 8 00:13:43 EDT 2018

Modest amount of visitors today, but mostly good ones -- families with 
lots of smart questions.

The main thing I did between visitors was install our new Cyberpower 2u 
UPS. :)

The rack now has almost all of its components. I just a 2u blanking 
panel. Oh, and the small matter of cabling ... I have to get/install a 
bunch of patch cords and wire up the A/V components. But the major stuff 
is all there now.

Have a look: https://tinyurl.com/yacseqyo.

Top to bottom: combo DVD/VCR, laserdisc, stereo, BBS server, UPS, 
console, tablet server, patch panel, Cisco switch #2 (for 
thicknet-to-ethernet), Cisco switch #1 (for main network + PoE to power 
our access point and security cameras), microwave, fridge. :)

A few people didn't like the idea of a microwave. THIS IS NOT A DATA 
CENTER ... I just might want popcorn or something now and then.

There's also some storage space behind the A/V components. We're using 
it to hold a couple of containers of rack screws, cage news, various 
cables, the KVM switch (remote control button is hidden to the left of 
the BBS server), and miscellaneous small parts.

A small PBX and a couple of modems will hide behind the BBS server. 
There is a good-sized shelf.

Both servers have an SSD installed, so they're quiet and fast. The only 
noise you hear are fans. Overall it is surprisingly quiet.

We have space for another 1u server if it's ever needed.

Thank you to everyone who contributed parts!!!

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