[vcf-midatlantic] Museum report

Evan Koblentz evan at vcfed.org
Mon Jul 9 00:11:58 EDT 2018

I was there again today.

Not that much to report: a few visitors (LOL the nice weather is killing 
us!); Herb came over to catalog all of our terminals (Steve A. 
assisted); and I wrote some more robot code (Doug assisted by phone).

Regarding the terminals: now that we pretty know * what * we have, the 
next step is to organize it all. Right now it's all in one aisle, but 
only a little organized by cart/shelf. There are some obscure terminals 
that we probably don't need, and not enough of what we probably do need. 
This job will be hard work due to the weight of TTYs and stuff. As 
usual, first dibs at most of the surplus will go to local members who 
assist with the work. I suppose the work can happen later this summer or 
fall. Me, Jeff B., etc. are swamped with HOPE, VCF West, and Maker Faire 
planning until then.

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