[vcf-midatlantic] FS: Hobbyist Etched MITS Altair 8800 CPU Board (systems_glitch)

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Mon Jul 9 13:04:24 EDT 2018

Not usually, but it's not a particularly difficult process either,
especially if you already have the drill template. Some of the other boards
acquired with this one show signs of advanced hobbyist experimenting, too,
such as gold plating across some of the previous owner's homebrew S-100
protoboards. You can tell it's not professional stuff though, they had to
solder a bondwire across the tops of all the traces to the edge connectors,
and only plated gold on -- no nickel layer, so the copper has migrated up
into the gold.

The artwork alignment and registration of the holes show it to definitely
not be a professional production. Perhaps someone ran it on equipment at


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> If it has plated through holes, I would skeptical about it being home
> etched.  Plating holes properly is not normally part of the arsenal of
> ordinary hobbyists.
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