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There are definitely many methods to use - an important consideration
is the type of PVA. There are two basic types. One that gets cloudy
and mold spots in it - that one is susceptible to the heat gun or, if
you're patient, potentially broken down with water. The water method
can take a month to work, from the reports I've heard. The other type
turns green and develops fringing and darkening in the material. That
type cannot be heat gunned off, it must be cut with a hot wire. It is
also impervious to the water.

Personally, I've done a fair number of tubes, using mostly the heat
gun method, on both small and large tubes. I've found it to work quite
well, and I've never had a tube implode. The hot wire method has it's
merits (and is required in some cases). I've never personally tried
the water method, I'm just too impatient.


On Mon, Jul 9, 2018 at 6:54 PM, Herb Johnson via vcf-midatlantic
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>  systems_glitch:
>> I've seen them floated off over an extended period in room-temperature
>> water, or heated by placing face-up in the sun with a black trash bag over
>> the front.
> Ethan Dicks:
>>  I did my one cold, by using a wire as a "saw" to cut through the PVA.
> (gasp) I've just been schooled! ;) Thanks to my friends for these more
> temperate suggestions. Of course, make sure that CRT is working and displays
> bright before investing this much work. - Herb
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