[vcf-midatlantic] Known-good IBM joystick?

J. Alexander Jacocks jjacocks at gmail.com
Tue Jul 10 10:35:10 EDT 2018

Most older "PC Game Port" joysticks require no drivers, for a standard
2-axis analog, up-to-4 button stick.  Anything like that should "just work".

Evan wouldn't want a flight stick/racing wheel/etc. that would need
drivers, for the extra buttons and axes.

- Alex

On Tue, Jul 10, 2018 at 9:36 AM Bill Degnan via vcf-midatlantic <
vcf-midatlantic at lists.vcfed.org> wrote:

> Bob/All,
> In IBM systems one typically needs the drivers, controller card, and
> joystick to all be designed to work together.  Also, the software often
> expects one of a few model joystick to be available.  So, in Evan's case he
> needs to look at the software and documentation of the program that will
> use the joystick to see what kind of joystick it's looking for.  It may be
> that the original IBM PC "Game Control Adapter" is an option, in which case
> you'd need something compatible with that.  May be easy and you can get
> away with a serial port joystick.  And so on.  From there, find something
> compatible, install the drivers into autoexec.bat and config.sys and go
> from there.  Newer machines often pair a soundcard like SoundBlaster with a
> Microsoft joystick.
> Evan may have working joysticks that "don't work" because the drivers are
> not yet loaded.
> Bill
> On Tue, Jul 10, 2018 at 8:38 AM Bob Aviles via vcf-midatlantic <
> vcf-midatlantic at lists.vcfed.org> wrote:
> >  Hi,
> >   I have an IBM joystick, look at the picture and tell me if it works on
> > your systems.
> >
> > Bobby    On Tuesday, July 10, 2018, 1:20:45 AM EDT, Evan Koblentz via
> > vcf-midatlantic <vcf-midatlantic at lists.vcfed.org> wrote:
> >
> >  I'm having issues with the VCF supply of Kraft joysticks, and there is
> > no time to fix them before HOPE. Does anyone have a tested and
> > fully-working / known-good IBM (or other non-Kraft) joystick which I
> > could borrow? I need it by Friday in order to test it at the museum this
> > weekend. Dean said he may have one, but in case he doesn't....
> >
> > My backup plan is to program for keyboard control instead of joystick
> > control, but that's not nearly as much fun.
> >
> >

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