[vcf-midatlantic] Known-good IBM joystick?

Evan Koblentz evan at vcfed.org
Thu Jul 12 00:28:49 EDT 2018

Today's updates on the joystick saga:

- I confirmed that the same joystick I was using works fine on an Apple II.

- VCFed owns about a half-dozen combo Apple/IBM joysticks, but they're 
all the same kind.

- I tried Paul's suggestion of checking STICK(0) first. Unfortunately it 
did not help.

- I temporarily programmed the robot to move based on keyboard input (I, 
J, K, M). I'll program the buttons next time; already know how. Will 
probably use U and O.

- The way the logic works, if you keep the joystick held in one 
position, the robot keeps moving until you release it. The same logic 
does not work for the keyboard control: I can tell because the interface 
box LEDs flash rather than stay solid. That would lead to the motors 
stuttering. No time to diagnose that, so I removed the opening M=0 which 
put the robot in a state of constant movement (press a key, the motors 
stay on, rather than having to hold down the key) -- and thus I had to 
add the space bar as a brake (pressing it resets M to zero).

So now I have a working demo. It works the opposite of the Apple control 
method. I could tell people that's by design to show two different ways 
:) but I think what I really need is a known-good IBM-only joystick to 
test it with my preferred (original) way. Somebody on this list has to 
have one!!

Does anybody have one they can loan me? I would need it ASAP in order to 
test it by next Wednesday (my final time at the museum before HOPE).

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