[vcf-midatlantic] early (original?) Dartmouth BASIC documentation

Bill Degnan billdegnan at gmail.com
Thu Jul 12 10:32:03 EDT 2018

when I did my talk about BASIC at a past VCF East I referenced this book, I
have a copy.  We also all got a copy of the original BASIC from  John
Kemeny when he did a talk then.  It was a very short doc, less than 60

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> I've been helping a friend clean out some closets after her husband died -
> he was like many of us and had a lot of history in computing.  While he had
> already gotten rid of early hardware I did find some interesting artifacts
> in his bookshelves.
> One book that caught my attention is "a manual for BASIC" by John Kemeny
> and
> Thomas Kurtz (Dartmouth).  It is copyrighted 1965 by Dartmouth and appears
> to be the original manual for Dartmouth's BASIC.  The preface acknowledges
> an NSF grant for funding the language development.  Includes
> diagram/instructions for using the Model 33 teletype and paper tape!
> Anyway, just thought I'd share with this group.  I imagine there aren't too
> many copies of this left around.  Google search turned up some hits but I
> didn't see any scans of the book.  It's pretty short (63 pp.)  Nice
> keepsake
> from the earliest days of BASIC...
> - Glenn

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