[vcf-midatlantic] AOL 4.0 on Ebay

Herb Johnson hjohnson at retrotechnology.info
Mon Jul 23 13:40:15 EDT 2018

The AOL 4.0 CD ebay auction referenced, has a starting bid of $575, and 
one bidder. That bidder has ZERO rating and bidding history only 6 days 
old.  I smell a RAT!.

An ebay search for AOL CD's sold recently (months) shows most selling 
for several dollars to under $20, or in sets at those prices. There's 
stories years old on the Web, about this or that AOL CD or floppy 
selling for thousands; but not much since 2015.

Now, that's just a modest and incomplete survey, looks over about an 
hour of time. But I'm not seeing any comprehensive collector's 
discussions and marketplaces. For items worth thousands, I'd expect to 
see more. In any event, there's no clear and obvious venue to determine 
likely value. That makes it hard to sustain interest in high prices, 
when you can't validate what you have (or are about to) spend.

I imagine someone might tell me "blah blah blah, put it on eBay and take 
what you can get, what someone pays is what it's worth". I don't find 
that a satisfactory explanation, that's called "the greater fool". If 
there's any persistant value to AOL disks or CD's, I'd expect to find 
something - or have someone tell me "go *here* and see for your self".

Herb Johnson
lesser fool

Herbert R. Johnson, New Jersey in the USA
http://www.retrotechnology.com OR .net

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