[vcf-midatlantic] 12th HOPE - Impressions?

Bill Degnan billdegnan at gmail.com
Mon Jul 23 22:40:08 EDT 2018

I did not go this year for the first time in 12 years.  When I went
originally there was a lot more indy hacking going on.  You could buy ICs
on the floor, people distributing exploits on cd's a bid shadier..and it
was more of a party.  We owned the hotel.  More people actually hacking not
so many walking around with a phone in their face.

On Mon, Jul 23, 2018, 9:59 PM Ethan O'Toole via vcf-midatlantic <
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> What was everyone else's impressions of HOPE this year?
> For me, I was pretty exhausted. Guy I roomed with snored a bunch and I
> drank too much caffeene making it hard to sleep. I took the DC Metro and
> Amtrak up which was a new experience (though I have used both before, not
> both in this manner.) That was neat, and NYC is usually fun.
> Event wise, I thought the variety of talks was pretty awesome. I only saw
> some talks (Will watch videos later of others I was interested in) and
> it's always hit or miss but no complaints. And the schedule was packed!
> The hotel... yea check in was horrible, the room was horrible. HOPE has a
> cool DIY feel in it's space but the rest of the venue is bad. I like a few
> aspects of the space but hate other aspects of the space. Having one track
> 19 floors away from the other track generates lots of cross traffic and
> elevator needs.
> I couldn't get a feeling how well attendance went. It felt like it was
> down from 2016. But Manning talk filled all the rooms I think?
> 2nd floor seemed pretty dead. Segway thing is 10 years old or more now.
> There was the soldering area, which is cool but the floor was so bright --
> if some of the lighting done in the talk rooms was done on the 2nd floor
> it would have been a bit better. Having seen so many neat things on 2nd
> floor in the past there just wasn't much new stuff this year. I'm not
> knocking VCF or ToooL or Tommy's Holograms. But I dunno. Zero new. And the
> hammocks... eeeek.
> Price point got a bit high this year, I understand it's the big city and
> inflation and all that. At the end of the day, I realize it's the hotel
> that makes most of the money not the event.
> I tell myself I go to see friends, and always that is the best aspect of
> it. But I dunno it seems like something was missing. Maybe it's the
> elaborate logos and designs of years past weren't present?
> Dunno, just curious other's opinions.
> Maybe I was just really tired :-)

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