[vcf-midatlantic] Found: Boxed Fairchild Channel F

jaj at totallyamused.com jaj at totallyamused.com
Fri Jun 1 13:56:51 EDT 2018


>Do you think its a reasonable price? Wouldn't mind having one someday. My
>parents had one.

Not a bad price,  leans to the high end of the market. I can't see the
link through work security, but if it is clean and the box is in nice
shape, it is worth it -- they are pretty rare to find in the wild.  I
always prefer the version with the hardwired joysticks, the earlier
releases.  Channel F drag racing is one of my all time favorite games
because you actually shift and the have to let off the gas to not blow
the engine.  I haven't played mine in a few years, I may have to dig it
out tonight. For reference I got mine about 20 years ago in the box with
a 1/2 dozen games for $35.

One note, if someone picks it up for you, have them check the music
section of the store (if it is a thrift store), the cartridges are often
mistaken for 8 track tapes, you might be able to get some games to go
along with it.

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