[vcf-midatlantic] Found: 2 New-In-Box TI-99/4a Machines

J. Alexander Jacocks jjacocks at gmail.com
Tue Jun 5 21:05:51 EDT 2018


I just picked up, at the Manassas, VA, hamfest, a pair of new-in-box Texas
Instruments 99/4a machines.  Both boxes are a bit scuffed and dusty, but
one still has the factory tape on it.

I opened the other box, since it wasn't taped, and looked at the contents,
which are definitely factory new.  The computer was in a sealed bag, which
I opened to check it out.  The PSU and RF modulator are in their cardboard
wrapper, which the adhesive has failed on.

So, I decided to keep one machine.  I checked the PSU, and the voltages
were within 1VAC on both the inputs, so given that they are internally
regulated, that should be close enough.  Via RF adapter, I get a grey
screen, at power up.  Via a homemade composite video cable, I get a stable
tone, and a black screen.

So, two questions:
1) Does anyone want a new-in-box, untested, TI 99/4a beige model?
2) Does anyone know anything about fixing TI 99s?  I'd like to go through
the one machine and figure out what's wrong.

- Alex

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