[vcf-midatlantic] Orientation of vented cover for airflow

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All of my IMSAIs (as acquired) had tape (either masking or duct) over to
power supply side vents to encourage airflow over the cards.  I'm pretty
sure that there is a magazine article (or maybe a newsletter) that
recommends this but I can't find it with Google.  Anyway, in the two cases
where the tape was dried out and falling off, I put in new tape in the same

Bill S.

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All -

I have a question regarding S100 cabinet airflow. Here's the setup.

I just bought a TEi enclosure (12-slot, impeccably clean) on eBay. The power
supply is to the right of the card cage, the fan blows inward and it was
delivered with the cover installed such that the air vents are on the right
(power supply) side.

To me, this seems counterintuitive. I would think that the vents should be
on the left with the fan blowing out so as to draw air through the card
cage, over the power supply and then out the back.

On my IMSAI (both sides of the cover are vented) and the fan blows out, but
the vents next to the power supply are sealed with tape.

Any thoughts on this?



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