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Drawing air in, pushing it across the power supply, into the card cage, and
out the far edge of the card cage.


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> Ok.  I found at least some of it.  Several of the 1977 issues of _Kilobaud_
> contained a running discussion of optimizing airflow in an S-100 chassis,
> including the IMSAI.  Looking at the October issue now:
> https://archive.org/stream/kilobaudmagazine-1977-10/
> Kilobaud_1977_October_dj
> vu.txt
> Bill S.
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> All -
> I have a question regarding S100 cabinet airflow. Here's the setup.
> I just bought a TEi enclosure (12-slot, impeccably clean) on eBay. The
> power
> supply is to the right of the card cage, the fan blows inward and it was
> delivered with the cover installed such that the air vents are on the right
> (power supply) side.
> To me, this seems counterintuitive. I would think that the vents should be
> on the left with the fan blowing out so as to draw air through the card
> cage, over the power supply and then out the back.
> On my IMSAI (both sides of the cover are vented) and the fan blows out, but
> the vents next to the power supply are sealed with tape.
> Any thoughts on this?
> Thanks!
> Rich
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