[vcf-midatlantic] Weekend project

Eric Rangell erangell at gmail.com
Tue Jun 12 17:47:50 EDT 2018

Hi all,
This weekend I had the thrill of a 1976 experience of spending hours soldering a computer kit and it didn’t work.  I worked on a Replica 1 Plus (functionally equivalent to an Apple 1).  The power came on but the video test failed.  When I put the rest of the chips in, the power LED went off shortly after power-on.  I will bring it to Kansasfest so I can learn how to troubleshoot the problem.  If Henry or anyone else has logic probe readings for a working model let me know.

I also put together a Ramworks IIII card for my Apple //e.  When I install it and go into 80 columns, there are quote marks in various spots on the 80 column text screen which do not go away.  Another problem (I mean Opportunity) to learn troubleshooting.

The best part of the weekend was the time I spent with Bill D. where he showed me how to launch missiles from the Univac.  (Well, he explained how the radar and targeting systems were integrated with AD converters that translated 50V signals into numbers, and ran some blinky lights).  It is fascinating to learn how the Navy got things done with what they had at the time.  I’m wondering if a demo can be created using batteries to supply various analog voltages into the ports that would have received voltages from the ship systems.

Also, several people at VCF East had detailed exhibits with a lot of info on displays that would be nice to preserve, or put the material online for people who’d like to learn more.  I’m also enjoying the Kim Uno and Raspberry Pi 3 that I bought from Jeff G.
Thanks, Eric

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