[vcf-midatlantic] Computer terminal in WarGames

Ethan O'Toole telmnstr at 757.org
Thu Jun 14 16:27:44 EDT 2018

> Also, what is the display make/model in his bedroom?  At first I thought it
> was an USi but I don't think so.
> b

I thought it was an Electrohome monitor? The speaker box was made up.

Todd Fischer had the original WarGames prop system, and has the IMSAI name 
I think? At least that is what I believe his name was (it's been a 
while. Nice guy, I chatted with him over email for a bit.)

War Games is the reason I wanted an IMSAI. Checked that one off, but do 
not have the matching floppy drive set from the movie (those are now a bit 
expensive.) One day.

I believe the WOPR prop had one of the earliest LCD screens as well.

 			- Ethan

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